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In this environment your child will take the next step in social communication. Discovering noise and movement will be important in developing and understanding that through their actions they can control their surroundings.

Our staff in the Tweenies room continue to follow the "Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)" planning activities to suit each individual child's needs and preferences. Together they have created an area for their children that is happy, colourful, caring and warm, thus encouraging a homely environment. The children usually remain in this are until they are 2 years old.

The children will be involved in lot's of activities such as soft play time, messy play, hand painting's and sticky play to name but a few. A supervised sleep room is available at all times for the children who require a nap. On the walls you will see lots of paintings etc., that the children have been involved with, each wall having a different theme that may reflect the present time of year. Children will also be helped to make birthday cards, mothers day cards etc. to take home.

At each stage parents and guardians will be closely consulted about their child's sleeping and feeding routines which will be continuously developed on an individual basis. Parents will also be consulted about development progress and well being.


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Senior Officer In Charge: Mrs Clare Parkinson - Manager: Mr Gary Parkinson


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