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Once you're child is 3 years old and out of nappies, you will be given the opportunity to enroll into the school room. Places are subject to availability.
The school room is organised and supervised by qualified staff to ensure your child will attain excellent pre-school education.

A well rounded comprehensive programme of activities will ensure all our childrens learning is developed through play and well planned cross-curricular activities delivered by professional staff, working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage


The School Room encourages the children to become more independant and helps to prepare them for reception class.
We follow the letters and sounds phonics programme.
This helps to develop the children's speaking and listening skills and prepares the children for learning to read. This is good preparation for primary school.
Throughout the year activities are planned to enhance children's learning for example; to promote the importance of healthy eating the children grow their own fruit and veg.
To develop children's awareness of different cultures and religions we celebrate festivals from around the world for example at the Chinese New Year the children took part in a dragon dancing activity and tasted different Chinese foods.

Scientific experiences will be nurtured through means of investigating, observation and experimentation, whilst mathematical awareness will be raised through the use of numbers, concept formation and problem solving.

The school room has it's own outdoor play area which is dominated by a large colourful climbing frame.

Towards the end of each school room year in July we have our own class photograph, all in uniform which makes a perfect souvenir to look back on in future years.

Whilst your child attends the School Room they can also take part on Spanish and Dance classes at a small extra charge


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Senior Officer In Charge: Mrs Clare Parkinson - Manager: Mr Gary Parkinson


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